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Step by Step Applying in KFUPM


There are 20 students from Indonesia studying in KFUPM. And since today (February 4th, 2014), application for Fall is Semester already opened until February 27th, 2014

Here are step by step of application (Versi bahasa Indonesia)

1. Open this site : and the view will be like here

Then fill the provided columns.

USER ID = username used along the application process

Password = keyword to access application site (6 characters minimum)

Once you finished it, click “login

2. And then the next view will be like here

Choose the proposed application type. To apply Ph.D program and for Non-Saudis, choose the  Lecturer-B (LB) or Full-Time (FT), and to apply Master program choose Research-Assistant (RA) or Full-Time (FT).

The difference between LB/RA and FT is study responsibility and also its financial benefit . On a brief, its difference is if FT only given load to study and doing laboratorium experiment for his thesis-dissertation, while LB/RA is also given load to spend his 15 hours a week to help teaching or being admin.

Once you chose, click “continue”.

3. Then the view will be like here

Fill the provided columns :

Admission Term -> Option of in which term we want to join, on a common, they only provide the nearest term.

Then for the name, fill based on your identity card, and click “Fill Out Application

4. Then the view will be like here :

Application Checklist is a part to guide us know which part already filled or not.

Noted :

If you are not 100% sure that all provided columns already filled and will not be corrected, please do not click  “Application is Complete“. If you click that, you will not be able to change the columns. And if you want to finish the application in other time (before the deadline), please click “Finish Later

Let’s move to each part of the provided application forms :

1 of 9 – Name

It is copied from the step 3 automatically when choosing the admission term.

Then you can click  “continue” atau klik “checklist

2 of 9 – Email & Personal Information

There are 8 parts should be filled out.

The first and second part is to filling out the e-mail that you will use along the application process until the announcement.

The third part is Residential Status : if you are Non-Saudis, choose Non-Saudi Citizen

The fourth part is Gender : should be filled by Male exactly, since KFUPM is all-male campus

The fifth part is Religion, filled with the applicant’s religion

The sixth part is Marital Status

The seventh part is Birth Date : filled with your birth date based on Gregorian Calendar

The eighth part is Blood Type : filled based on your blood type

3 of 9 – Current Adress & Phone

There are 5 parts should be filled out :

The first part is Street Line 1 : filled based on current address,

if you think it is necessary, you can fill the origin addres for Street Line 2

The second part is City : filled based on your current city,

The third part is Country : filled based on your current country,

The fourth part is Country Telephone Code : filled by typing “62” for Indonesia, and for other country you can look up in this site :

The fifth part is Mobile Number : filled with your current phone number and start with 0 number.

4 of 9 – Permanent Address

It is almost similar with previous part, but this is for your origin address.

5 of 9 – International Information

There are 3 parts :

First, Native Language ,filled with Other if your daily language is neither Arabic nor English

Second, Nationality

Third, Country of Birth

6 of 9 – Program of Study

Choose the proposed department/major. It is suggested to choose the appropriate major based on your previous level of school.

And for the part : Enter Other Majors, Minors, and Concentrations is the part to choose the proposed concentration. The departments which have concentrations are :

Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering,

7 of 9 – Previous College

Contained the collumns for previous study experience,

The top part is : Previous College Code, you can get once you click Lookup College Code

Click the country of your previous campus, then click List Cities in Selected State, Province or Country

Click the city of your previous campus, then click List Previous Colleges in Selected City,

If your campus is listed please click the campus name and then click Copy selected Previous College Information to Data Entry Form

If not listed, you can click Return to Previous College Page then fill the College Name, City and Country of your previous campus.

Still in the same part, filled those things :

GPA/percentage is your current GPA,

Previous Degree is your title, if not listed, please type by your ownself in the next column

Degree Awarded Date is your graduation date  or the date when you got the title

Previous Major is your previous major or department

8 of 9 – Test Scores

It is the part to fill the information of your current TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT score(s). If you do not have, just ignore it.

9 of 9 – Employment & Recommender Info

This part is for the information of three persons you are proposing to give recommendation.  One of the requirements applying in KFUPM is getting recommendations from three lecturers or someone who already knew us well.

The top part is about your current job (employment). If you’re not currently work, just skip it.

Then in the References part is information of recommenders, contained their name and title and also their e-mail. Recommendation system in KFUPM is online system. So, the Deanship of Graduate Studies KFUPM will sent the link automatically to your recommenders. The link will be for fulfilling the recommendations once you already finished filling out all parts.

Please noted :

the recommenders should be known first that you list their names, because the majority of other application systems is by writing the recommendation letter.

After all parts are already filled out, just go back to the Application Checklist to make sure all parts alredy filled out. If you are already sure that nothing will be changed, just click “Application is Complete

Then, the summary of your application will be launched :

The next step is uploading the mandatory documents.

1. Complete Official Transcripts.

* For PhD Applicants – BS & MS

* For Master Applicants – BS

* The transcript should contain names and grades of all cources taken and should be an official transcript

* Do not upload High School Transcripts

2. Related Degree Certificate(s) [if awarded]

3. Copy of Identification [National ID – Saudi Nationals/ Passport – International Applicants / Iqama – Residents of KSA]

4. Statement of Purpose. [A one page essay focussing on your career and research goals]

5. Three recommendation letters from your previous University who taugh you courses before. Recommendation letters from co-workers, supervisors and collegues will not be accepted for graduate applications.

6.  GMAT [For International MBA applicants]

For the recommendations, you can look up whether your recommenders already filled the provided recommendation form or not.

You should give attention that all mandatory documents should be on PDF format. You can copy the scanning of your document to the Microsoft Word, then convert it into PDF format.

If all mandatory documents are already uploaded, the view will be like here :

And this is the example of summary and current status of uploaded documment.

Those are the brief explanation about step by step to apply in KFUPM.

Here are the useful links related to KFUPM application.

1. Admission Requirements

2. Provided Majors/Departments

3. Financial Benefit

4. Application Deadline

Hopefully this note will be useful.

Baarokallohu fiykum.

Hopefully, there will be many Indonesian students or even other countries student can study in Saudi Arabia campus, such a KFUPM, because many benefits are available. For example, we can seek the religion knowledge, can do the Hajj/Umrah, study without spending much money and even get the monthly allowance and other benefits..


May Allah give easiness for everything we struggle.

Al-faqiir ilallah.

Rama Rizana, ST (B.Eng)

Student in Master of Science Program – Department of Civil Engineering – concentration Transportation Engineering.

A simple note but hopefully will be useful,

*First written in Bantul,Indonesia, 29 Rabiul Awwal 1434 H

**revised in 04 Rabi’ul Akhir/Tsani 1435 H related to online application link and amount of Indonesian Students

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