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Yeah,I can do it, Manilaaaaaaaaaaaa,wait me.!!


November 25th,2010

Announcement in AYFN Website

The entire selection committee

Inter-cultural Learning and Friendship Program?

congratulated for applicants who pass the selection.

For the names listed below are entitled to go to Bangkok, Thailand


I was not one of the selected people there.

About 15 minutes after the announcement published I wrote my note. (you can read it here)


April 04th, 2011

AYFN to Phillipine already opened ya?

hmm,in June.

(my wall post into someone)


SomeOne :

iya,,,,, cek di web nya.

untuk poster baru besok aku pasang di UMY


after two wall posts

SO :

………………..Harus ikut…..

Coba lagi, siapa tau kali ini keterima…………………….





day by day I thought deeply,

and another friend asked me,

“Ram,ente ikutan ke Filipin?”

“ndak tau e”

“ajarin dong caranya”

(taught that person the way to register it)


on April 16th, 2011

“ente ikut?”

“liat ntar lah,form nya kayaknya hampir sama dengan ke Thailand”

“oke lah,ntar ajar2in dan bantuin ane yo,besok dateline nya e.”



after the dateline passed that person didn’t send all requirements needed for registering that program,

“mepet e waktunya,ane gak sempet buatnya”


“ente ikut?”

“’ain yo.”


April 19th, 2011

The result of IPYCEP selection part #1

List of IPYCEP’s applicants who passed the selection part #1.






29. Rama Rizana



  • Please note that the candidates will have an Interview Test on MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011, at Kenari Room, WISMA KAGAMA UGM. Jalan Pancasila UGM, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta. start from at 9.00 am.


“OK. prepare everything for it.”


April 25th, 2011

I did “Praktikum Mekanika Tanah” until 10 am, and also I had to publish the schedule of “Praktikum Ilmu Ukur Tanah”

performed Zhuhur prayer,

at 13.00 go to canteen, after it I had my lunch (or breakfast? =)) ),

and asked some of my friends (to help me) to accompany me going to Wisma KaGaMa.

*dag dig dug,no one can help because of their business*


for shortening the story/writing, a friend can help me,

came back to UniRes to take helmet, and “caooooo”.


half of the journey, it was rain.

“ini lanjutkan perjalanan atau gimana?”

“lanjutkan saja”


arrived at Wisma KaGaMa arround 14.52


asked others the interview room,no body knew,


*”hampir pasrah”*


asked to receptionist about the room,

ooo. kayaknya itu deh orangnya mas,wawancaranya dah selesai”

“matur suwun,mbak”


“Mas,saya Rama mau tes interview”

“oh,udah selesai,mas. tapi gak apa2 di sini aja ya,ruangannya udah dikunci”



he asked me some questions and I tried to answer it in English and after 20 minutes left,

“OK,Rama, you can see the announcement in Wednesday on AYFN website, sering2 pantau yaa”

ok,thanks. assalamu’alaykum.


I spent the tuesday as usual,

did my responsibility as the assistant of “Praktikum”, and then held on meeting, went to consult with two seniors,


Wednesday, April 27th 2011,

in location of industrial/practical work,

*browsed the AYFN website,

hmm,announcement just published,

The result of IPYCEP selection part #1

List of IPYCEP’s applicants who passed the selection part #1.












already gave up,


19. Rama Rizana



directly I registered for Talk Mania (TM) and called my parents, a senior and a lecturer,


hufft,I just realized that is the lesson and reason why I wasn’t given chance to go to Thailand,


many things I should prepare for my departure to Manila,

but,many obstacles I will face,


very expensive airfare ,passport (should be extended or make the new one?),fund,etc.


I hope everything will be OK.


and for the last I want to say,

Manilaaaaa,wait me.!!!!! I’m coming.!!!!!



A cyber cafe, Jumadil Awwal 24th, 1432 H


*if there’s a correction I will accept it and be very pleased,


I hope all of you will help and pray for me.

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