Learning Bosnian Language ….. (I)

One of advantages I get from writing an application in KFUPM guidance in my FB notes and also my blog-post is I can do interaction with many brothers all around the world. I have ever done chat with brothers from some countries in Africa, Thailand, Pakistan, Palestine, and the new one from Bosnia Herzegovina.
I use that great chance (doing interaction with them) to learn their languages. Yes, one of my interests is learning new languages. Several years ago I ever tried to learn basic of Spanish, Dutch through some websites providing notes about it. I have ever learned Filipino language when I did student-exchange in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines 2 years ago. And with new brother, Adnan I learn Bosnian language.
Here are some vocabularies/phrases/sentences I learnt from him :

Dobro jutro : Good morning,
Kako si : How are you?
Dobro sam : I am fine,
Hvala ti : Thank you,
Kako se zoveš : What is your name? (How do they call you?)
Ja sam pospan : I am sleepy,
Moj brat : My brother,
Moje : Mine,
tvoj : Your,
Ja idem spavati : I am going to sleep,
Laku noc : Good night,

Hope it will be useful, and brother Adnan can teach me other words. 😀

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