Alhamdulillah.. masih selamat.. (English Version)


Tidak terasa 2 minggu UTS kini tersisa 2 hari.. (Trying to use English)
Overall i feel that I’m better that previous periods of exam.. (maksudnya ya ujian2 dulu lah)
But about the score, i don’t know, ‘coz i’m not the lecturer..

The first day is
Geometric Road Planning (Perencanaan Geometrik Jalan)
Honestly, I feel regret, ‘coz I’m very rarely to follow this class.. Actually not because I’m the lazy student (ceilaah), but in 2 meetings of the class, I have to help my senior to prepare the research proposal..
I have tried to catch up and understand the lesson in one night.. I did the task and it’s about the formula to plan the geometric road.. But, I was examined about the theory.. Huaaaa… Finally I designed the answer.. (mengarang rumus maksudnya )..

The second day is Hidrology..
I just read my notes by skimming.. (sekilas)
and same with the first day of exam, I designed the answers..

The third day is Construction Materials Technology (Teknologi Bahan Kosntruksi)..
The theory lesson.. All about the construction material.. Wood, steel, concrete, iron, and brick (the lesson which are examined in Mid-Test)
Alhamdulillah I can answer and finish the exam.. It’s the multiple choice-exam and true-false exam.. Great.. But, there’re some numbers that I slipped/wrong.. No problem.. next exam.!!

The fourth day are Traffic Engineering (Rekayasa Lalu Lintas) and Akhlaq..
No exam in thursday, but two exams..
In morning (09.45), Alhamdulillah I can answer all of the questions.. And I was lucky ‘coz my senior’s note helped me to answer the question about the methods in traffic survey..

Akhlaq (13.30)
I didn’t mean to be arrogant, but Insya Allah walhamdulillah I feel that I can to answer the questions.. That’s why I took the lesson which actually is the fitth semester to fulfill the 24 SKS.. Compounded because the exam is opened book exam..
Alhamdulillah.. All of the questioned were finished..

The sixth day is Enviromental Engineering (Rekayasa Lingkungan)..
In saturday, there is no exam and monday is too.. In sunday, there’s a match between Medical Faculty SKI Al-Jundi (Seksi Kerohanian Islam) vs Engineering Faculty SKI Al-Muhandis.. And I was overslept.. but Alhamdulillah we won the match by 3-2.. My friend, Isram got his hattrick (three goals)
I went to campus with high spirit to finish the exam.. But same with CMT/TBK exam, I was wrong in some numbers..

The seventh day is Fiqh..
Take home task and the title of the task has been given in last meeting.. Fuh.. I have to make paper about “Art in Islamic Views”.. find the articles (the pro and contra) and give the comment at least one paragraph and it has to be collected on Saturday.. (oh nooo.. not finished yet… but I have got some articles about it. just write.. )

The eigth day in today is Hydraulic (Hidraulika)
Alhamdulillah I can answer all and finish it because I answer the task which is given by lecturer.. And alhamdulillah it was opened book-exam..

Tomorrow is Mathematics III and the next day is Introduction to Geology and Soil Mechanics (Pengantar Geologi dan Mekanika Tanah)

Notes :
Why in the title I said that “Alhamdulillah.. masih selamat..’
“coz until today, I did struggle to finish all exams by my ownself.. and I didn’t help anyone (maybe at the first : yes)

so sorry.. i am struggling to finish the exam by my ownself.. coz of that..i did not give you my paper..
Even you mean to borrow my note or paper.. but it’s about exam, bro.!! trying to finish it by your ownself first.. if you can’t, just collect your paper and go home.. Peace.!!!

*Bagaimana..bagaimana posting-an ana kali ini.?? Sekalian latihan nulis dalam bahasa Inggris.. dah lama soalnya gak nulis at least a passage like this since I graduated from Senior High School.. Huaaaa.. Rindu SMA..
**Catatan anak 17 tahun..

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7 thoughts on “Alhamdulillah.. masih selamat.. (English Version)


  2. weiz mantab!

  3. my ownself.. myself kayaknya dah mengindikasikan diri sendiri deh… jd g usah ditambah "own",,, gitu juga your ownself… cukup ditulis yourselves,, krn.. seingat saya.. "my" dan "your" itu dah menunjuk ke kata ganti milik… hehehe… :p

  4. Jadi inget pelajaran bahasa Inggris di Padang.
    "One" tulisnyo
    "Uwan" bacanyo.
    "Cie" artinyo!
    He he he!

  5. Bhs inggris anda masih amburadul hwkekekekek….
    *kalo dipuji takut ntar dek rama trus merasa jago ^_^

  6. huhuh
    semangat rama buat ujiannya

  7. u/ mb rizki : makasih.mb.. u/ mb yuher : yg ana tau klu pakai own tu utk menegaskan kalimat.. tapi mungkin ana salah.nanti ana cek lagi.. maklum ilmu masih dikit.. jazakillah.mb.. u/ eyang margono : wah.kapan eyang ke padang.? u/mas fp : gak ada yg lebih menohok lagi.mas.?? u/ mb fitria : jazakillah.mb..

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